Natural and Organic

A collection of natural and organic ingredients blended with care for you and the environment.


The fundamentals of a clean skincare brand include
  • Ingredients
  • Packaging 
  •  Company Ethos



But First has been formulated with clean ingredients.
The Best Smelling Coffee Body Scrub is made up of

Organic Mint and Vanilla Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

100% Arabica Coffee Beans

Vitamin E

Sea Salt


To ensure our ingredients are clean we go through rigorous checking process with raw material suppliers



What's the use of a clean product when you plastic packaging lands up in land fills and the ocean?

We believe you have to be good to yourself and good to the earth.

The But First Coffee Body Scrub has been packed in an aluminum container.

This means that the packaging is reusable, take out the lid, wash it out and use the jar for your pens, pencils, or makeup items.

Most importantly, other than our lid inset, our packaging contains no plastic!


Company Ethos

Companies have a social responsibility to ensure that they are doing right by our planet.

We take a stand and have a zero tolerance policy against animal testing.

We believe that raw materials need to be sustainably sourced.

We are on a mission to continue to help our environment.