The 5 Basic Simple Steps of a Skincare Goals Routine.

The 5 Basic Simple Steps of a Skincare Goals Routine.

September 06, 2018

10 step routines, 12 step routines, how many steps should I have in my routine?

Isn’t it enough that I just manage to take my makeup off before bed?

What more do you want from me?

Well first of all, well done on taking your makeup off before bed, You Go Girl!

Second, skincare and 37 step programs can get a bit complicated so we’d just like to outline 5 simple things you should be doing to maintain a healthy skin.


Cleansing removes the build up of dirt and oil.

With our current lifestyles and the world we live in our skin is exposed to a multitude of pollutants, bacteria and dirt. The effects show when your skin starts to feel grimy and you get a build up of bad skin over time. To combat this we suggest cleansing daily.

Washing your face helps removes impurities and makes you feel more fresh and sparkly.

We don’t suggest using normal soap but getting a high quality face wash.

How does cleansing work?

You have tiny glands under the skin that produce oil called sebum.

The Sebum creates a barrier that prevents bacteria and other harmful agents from entering.

A build up of dirt on the surface can cause blockages of the follicle wear sebum is secreted from. This traps the sebum, sweat and dead skin cells and allows bacteria to penetrate the skin resulting in inflammation, acne and skin problems.

A proper cleansing routine clears pores of any dirt, debris and skin cells which decreases the chances of skin problems such as breakouts.

But mostly cleansing your face allows your skin to look and feel radiant and healthy.


Cleansing and exfoliating are like the bffs of keeping a clean and grime free complexion.

Your pores get clogged due to the environment we live in as well as makeup, sweat and daily life.

Exfoliating is like cleansing to the next level.

It’s like cleansing that won’t take no for an answer.

Using a scrub to exfoliate your face cleans and unclogs pores.

Clogged pores trap oil under your skin’s surface, a good exfoliator will unclog those pores which in turn can prevent any breakouts.

Exfoliating also helps remove dry and dead skin cells, the result of this is a youthful and radiant looking skin #skingoals #glow

When it comes to the face, gentle is always better.


Take a small amount of But First Coffee Body Scrub and gently exfoliate your face in a circular motion. The key word is to keep it gentle, we are trying to remove dead skin cells and grime.

But First is a great exfoliator with a natural base of Arabica Coffee, Sea Salt, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and other essential organic oils.

But First works great for your body as it helps combat cellulite and other skin imperfections, but because of its natural ingredients it also works great to unclog pores on the face when used gently.

We suggest exfoliating 3 times a week.

Why we suggest exfoliating with coffee



The next foundational step in any #skingoals skincare routine be it for your face, body or soul is to moisturize.

The idea of moisturizing is to keep the skin at the right levels of hydration.

When skin is too dry or too oily, many of the well known skincare problems like acne start to occuring.

In order for your skin to glow and be at its best both daily and long terms it's important to moisturize daily and keep it consistent.

Day to day this will allow your skin to perk up immediately but on a long term basis using moisturizer creates a healthy environment for skin cells to repair themselves and aid in the turnover of new cells

We suggest using an SPF moisturizer during the day. #jenannistonskincaresecrets

And an Anti-Aging moisturizer before bed.

The best time to apply a moisturizer is when your skin is still damp after washing.

Always apply to clean skin.

Do some exploration as to what moisturizer works for your skin type.


Misting is an easy way to improve the radiance of your face.

Face mists are an essential skin care go to item.

Especially in humid weather or after a workout.

A good mist will leave you feeling refreshed and give your complexion a sultry dew.

The idea with mists are hydration.

Mists are great even if you are wearing makeup to ensure your skin stays hydrated and you have a glowy look throughout the day.

Facial mists have become more and more popular as the skincare technology improves.

Rosewater (which is still great) used to be the key mist but now mists have upped their game and added in antioxidants, multivitamins and other essential oils.

Keep a mist in your bag or an easy way to keep your skin looking radiant throughout the day.


The most googled skincare trend of 2017 is here to stay.

There are various types of masks to explore, from mud masks to peel off masks, sheet masks and ice masks. The world of masking is endless.

You can use them daily, but we’ve made a rule for at least once a week on Masking Mondays.

10/15 minutes a day of masking magic and depending on the type of mask you can be cleansed, hydrated or just covered in goodness.

When it comes to masking that needs an entire blog post for itself.

But for now we’ll just tell you to find a mask that suits your skin type.

Certain masks like Ice Masks or Charcoal Masks are a great place to start.

Masks are the pamper session you didn’t know you needed.

So relax, put on some good music and #maskandchill

Each of these topics can have a dedicated book written about them.

The idea of this post is to help you understand the basic foundations of a skincare routine.

Doing some research and finding what works for you in terms of products, skin type and budget is important. The key is to make sure you are fitting these 5 important steps into your daily/ weekly routine to ensure that your skin looks good now and in the long term.

There are numerous factors that contribute to great skin such as diet, stress and environment so control what you can and keep a routine with these five steps as a foundation.

There is no magic fix for good skin, the secret is consistency. Day in and day out, sticking to the basics and you will reap the rewards of the ultimate glow.

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