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10 things all serious beauty product lovers relate to.

October 16, 2018

10 things all serious beauty product lovers relate to


1) When you hear names like Rihanna or Jessica Alba you think of their beauty brands before their music or movies.

Don’t worry, it is appropriate when you sing the lyrics “shine bright like a diamond” whenever you apply your highlighter because let’s be honest you glow girl!

2)You peel off your nail polish the moment one chips.

3)You can never have too many nail polish colors

You even refer to the nail polish by its name rather than its shade

4) Same with lipstick…

I want more lipstick

5)When you Scrub or cleanse you envision yourself as if you were in a commercial


6) You overstock your favorite product in fear it may be discontinued

Even hearing the words limited edition send you into a frenzy


7)Your evening skin care routine takes 30 mins

You can’t relate to people that just wash their face and nothing else

Even when you are stumbling home at 2am you still cleanse, tone and moisturise.

8)You are a serial subscriber.

What else are you meant to spend your time reading while at work?!

9) Buying beauty products is a team effort.

No such thing as just going to the store and buying what you want.

You either have to take your bff with you

Or send multiple pics, discussions and consultations with your friends whatsapp group.

As well as discussions with people in the store.


 10) When you hear someone mention inspirational videos you think of the latest youtube tutorial you watched.



Comment and let us know that other beauty obsessed behaviours you think we’ll relate to.

And tag/ send this article to anyone you think would relate.

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